# Get Started With SLP

# Install a Wallet

First you will want to download Electron Cash SLP Edition this is the reference wallet and very good for learning and developing as it has every SLP feature built into it.

# Get some Bitcoin Cash

You need BCH in order to create tokens. Fortunately, a very small amount. However, for testing you can use testnet BCH. These can be withdrawn at faucet.fullstack.cash. Remember to start the wallet in testnet mode if using testnet tokens.

# Create a Token

Roger Ver made a great video showing how to create a token using Electron Cash, the version is older though so things may be slightly different now.

# View the Token on the Explorer

You can visit simpleledger.info and search for the tokenId or name of your token and see it and all transaction details. If using testnet, you can use testnet.simpleledger.info. Easy, huh?

# Query the Token using SLPDB

Just swap out the tokenIdHex with the tokenId of your newly created token here and click "Run query". This will find the token and any token graph data. This is how the explorer is built, it's a bunch of SLPDB queries.

For testnet, just change the url from slpdb to slpdb-testnet.

# Automate Sending SLP Tokens

Read the information page for Electron Cash SLP CLI and modify for your own token. You can use this to make your first simple SLP app along with SLPDB. You'll probably want to check out SLPJS for more advanced applications though.

# Next Steps

Well, now that you've made a token you are really ready to start building! Check out some of the Guides and take a look at the Specification to get a better idea of how SLP works under the hood - it's really quite simple. Join the Telegram chatroom to ask questions and meet other cool people.