# SLP Faucet

This project is an example of an SLP faucet website.

# Faucet Capacity

This faucet can service 900 transactions per block (i.e., 50 txn limit/block x 18 addresses = 900). The faucet admin can automatically distribute tokens and the BCH (for paying transaction fees) evenly across the first 18 addresses located at the m/44'/245'/0'/0/X HD path, where X is an address index in the range 0 to 17. The admin can initiate this distribution by entering the DISTRIBUTE_SECRET environment variable into the site's address input field.

NOTE: You will need to wait 1 block confirmation after distribution step before the faucet will be able to be used. This is because address selection is based on finding the first address with a unconfirmed balance of 0 BCH.

# Setup

  • Use Electron Cash SLP or other SLP wallet to store faucet token & BCH coins, then use the mnemonic for that wallet for the faucet in the MNEMONIC environmental variable.

  • Create a new .env file with the following environment variables:


# Run the web app locally:

$ npm i
$ node server.js

# Build Source

If you want to modify the source (i.e., the *.ts files), you will need to rebuild using tsc before running the app. TypeScript needs to be installed globally via npm install -g typescript.